Academy of water colour and fine arts

On May, 31st 2008 there was an historical event — the message to young artists of future generations was put into the foundation of the Moscow state water colour and fine arts academy of Sergey Andriaka! The new art educational institution will be the logic continuation of Sergey Andriaka Water colour school well-known to the Muscovites. As well as the School the Academy urged to serve a noble problem of development of classical water colour painting, maintenance of experience and traditions of the old masters.

One would think that in Moscow there are already enough high schools where the artists can study. But in spite of the fact that the art education history in Russia counts about two centuries, today in the beginning of the third millenium the creation of such high school not having any analogue in Russia will be very claimed and actual. The complex educational technique will be applied in newly-founded Academy and the educational process will combine the theory and practice, the synthesis of the academic system of teaching and new training techniques.

The students will study the following subjects: an oil painting, a pastel, a distemper, an etching, a wall list, a mosaic, a stained-glass window, a sculpture, a casting, a woodcarving, stone processing, an iconography and restoration, a majolica, tiny enamel and a jewellery, painting on porcelain and book illustration, design and packing, computer drawing and art business bases at the same time with the basic disciplines (an academic drawing and a classical water colour). The process of studying will be closely connected with the practical work of students on objects and performance of real orders, so they will get practical knowledge in all art techniques. The graduates of Water colour Academy will get an interesting creative profession connected with th art. As the skilled professional artists, they will be always demanded in the modern world, can work practically in all basic spheres of art creativity.

The organisation of the uniform creative methodical centre in Moscow where a preparation, a training and an improvement of professional skills of art teachers is carried out, will become one of key directions of the activity of new Academy. Here the art teachers of general educational schools, the teachers from art schools, children’s studios, the developing centres, will deepen and expand the knowledge, learn and master the new techniques of teaching of painting. The teachers graduated from Academy continuing working in the educational institutions of Moscow and will impart the knowledge and skills to young Muscovites. Thus, the Water colour and fine arts Academy will bring the contribution to art, spiritual and moral education of Russians.