Art Shop

At the Andriaka School of Water Colour is an art shop. In spite of the fact that it was created for maintenance of the needs of pupils and teachers of the school, any interested person can obtain all necessary implements required for drawing and painting here, especially, if the artist is working in water colour technique.

A wide range of materials for creativity are always available in the shop. These include water colours, oil, gouache, tempering and acrylic paints, dry pigments and also varnishes, oils and thinners for painting, products from the St Petersburg Factory of Art Paints, the oldest in Russia with which the school has direct contact. In the art shop you can also find pencils, brushes, and palettes, and a wide range of paper for any painting technique. However, only at the School of Water Colour is it possible to obtain special water colour paper of the best quality of from France, Germany and Great Britain, and direct contact with the foreign suppliers allow prices to be accessible to buyers.

In the art shop, books and albums on art, educational videos on cassette and DVD, reproductions from S.N. Andriaka’s pictures are sold. Here, it is possible to make an order for framing any work of art.