Framing Workshop

Frequently customers come to our framing workshop who face the problem of forming works of applied art, photos, reproductions and all that requires a frame. Due to the wide range of frames (material, profile, colour) and rich scale of colour shades of mat, here it is always possible to choose the most favourable combination of design elements. Having been in the hands of our masters, pictures find a new lease of life. Full of riddles and nuances, they start to play with new colours.

Works of great masters of the past from collections of the largest Moscow and regional museums before appearing before their audience pass through hands of our experts who carefully “dress” them in a frame, mat and glass. Up to now, all exhibition activity, a series of exhibitions “Masterpieces of Museum Collections”, the regional programme “Master & Pupil”, large projects of artists and students of the school in other exhibitions is provided for by the qualitative and high professional work of our masters.