Publishing House

The department carries out the important and scientifically valuable programme of reprinting of manuals, textbooks and books on water colour techniques written by artists and experts of the 19th century. These rarities long ago only to be found in second-hand bookshops, have been inaccessible to artists or historians of art.

At the same time, many of them (P. Markov etc.) contain unique art experience, and extremely valuable data regarding various methods and secrets of the letter of old masters in Russian classical water colour. Being republished, these rare editions are widely used by pupils, artists, experts and amateurs in the arts. The small library devoted to secrets of “old masters” is constantly replenished with new reprints.

A separate direction is the issue of textbooks and videos. In the Art Shop of the school you can buy cassettes and DVDs with educational films: “Magic of Water Colour”, “Yellow Lilies”, “Evening Motive”, “Winter Day” “Sea”, “Autumn”, «Pink Morning”. These follow the process of creation of water colour painting technique in the products of S.N. Andriaka.

The publishing department prints catalogues of S.N. Andriaka’s works, as well as those of artists and teachers of the School of Water Colour and its pupils, and albums and booklets of exhibitions in the school: “Masterpieces of Museum Collections”, “School of Baron A.L. Shtiglits» etc. The catalogue Art of the Grand Duchess” was issued for an exhibition devoted to the 120th anniversary of the birth of Grand Duchess Olga Aleksandrovna, the sister of last Russian emperor.